Un Chat dans l’aiguille – Embroidary Kits

 Un Chat dans l’aiguille – is a French embroidary kit that are made in Lyon, France.

 “Un Chat dans l’aiguille” means “Cat in the needle hole”.  Yes, there are many cat mochief embroidary kits!

Introduction of Designer, Christel Gouze

Christel Gouze

Born in Toulon, South France, and lived in Paris for the next 25 years. Currently she is active in the small town of Burgoin-Jaille near Lyon. After working in the advertising industry for 4 years and as a flight attendant for 4 years, she decided to do embroidery as her life work, which she continued as a hobby since childhood with her grand mother.

She features a modern design that incorporates nature, flowers, and animals as motifs, such as cats, fish, birds, and flowers, making use of traditional embroidery techniques inherited from grandmothers.

Design Gallery by Christel Gouze

See her design gallery.

 Un Chat dans l’aiguille Embroidary Kit

アンシャダンレギュイユ アトリエの様子

All the cloth printing and kit making in the Christel’s atelier.

Each kit includes a fabric with a printed design, instructions for the stitches used, a detailed drawing of the points, needles and threads. The fabric is printed with water-soluble ink, so if you want to customize your stitches, you can change them. The embroidery thread is DMC. The quality is good and there are many color variations, so it is perfect for creating.

アンシャダンレギュイユ 刺繍キット

*Stitch instruction is added on above materials.

Take a look at our stitch movies!

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How to Start

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フランス・ステッチ動画集 Stitch Movie Lessons

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